Minack Roles

Further information on production roles

Except for the Company Manager, who arrives with the cast, and
Publicist, who does not need to arrive, team members arrive the week
before the show.

Production Manager

The PM is in charge of the technical side of the show: they hire the
equipment, allocate budget within the tech team, run the in/out, and
sort logistics for the techies. For more information, contact Jamie

Company Manager

The Company Manager feeds and looks after the physical/mental
wellbeing of the company. They budget and source food (delivery or in
person), and cook dinner for the company. No prior experience in
cooking for large groups is expected. Contact Eleanor for more
information (erb48).


The publicist designs the poster and programme, and guides the
publicity strategy. The publicist may join the company for part of the
run if they wish.

Set Designer and Technical Director

The TD plans the set based on the set designer's sketches. The TD
sources building materials, builds the set (with help from crew) and
runs the set in and out. The set designer paints/dresses the set. At
the Minack, the backdrop is the sea, and masking would hide Porthcurno
beach or the occasional dolphins. The set (viewed by thousands of
tourists during the day in addition to the audience) is designed and
built with the sloped stage and wind/rain in consideration.
For more information, contact Leah (lmaw3).

Sound Designer and Sound Engineer

All sound equipment is hired in. The orchestra and cast are
individually mic'd. The sound designer and engineer together ensure
that everyone can be heard. The sound designer adjusts levels during
the show, and the sound engineer is in charge of the equipment side.

Lighting Designer and Lighting Electrician

Most lighting equipment is hired in. The grid only provides some
moon/starlight, so the lanterns of choice are attached to rigging
points on the cliff. The lighting designer deals primarily with the
creative side while the CLX gets creative with the cables and lighting
desk. The lighting team is free to enjoy the beach during matinees.


The show finishes with a few fireworks each night, which are set off
remotely from a custom launcher affectionately named "Vera". The
pyrotechnician chooses the fireworks and ensures their safe lighting.
Contact Jamie for more information (jb864).


The cinematographer chooses what video equipment to hire and films the
show. They edit the recorded video and mix the audio (recorded by the
sound desk) to provide the final recording of the show for the cast
and crew. The cinematographer can be combined with other roles if
suitable. The holder of the role in itself only needs to be in
Cornwall for two nights during show week but is welcome to stay longer
as a crew member.

Stage management and Costume design roles are similar to those in
Cambridge, albeit with some attention to the cliffside (and
occasionally cold and wet) nature of the theatre.